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MBT Electronics offers repair service for AN/PRC-90-2

The PRC-90-2 is a waterproof and rugged pilotís emergency radio typically carried in the flight suit or as part of the life raft equipment. It consists of a simple crystal controlled 2 channel transceiver for voice communication with a beacon mode that can transmit a continuous siren. Voice channel frequencies are: 243 MHZ and 282.8 MHZ and the beacon: 243 MHZ only.

The original design goes back many years to the Viet Nam era PRC-90. The PRC-90-2 looks similar on the outside to the PRC-90, but the PRC-90-2 is completely redesigned internally. Many different contractors have built PRC-90-2 using slightly different paint colors but functionally, they are all the same.

The usual failures include: broken antenna, antenna miss-tuned, off-frequency crystals, weak receiver, bad speaker and mic, and oscillating receiver.

MBT Electronics performs a comprehensive repair on the PRC-90-2 including:

  1. Check and tune the antenna and internal tuning system for best efficiency.
  2. Align the receiver for best operation.
  3. Check the transmitter for correct power and frequency and modulation.
  4. Replace the microphone (as necessary).
  5. Replace the speaker (as necessary).
  6. Check all switches and functions.
  7. Check watertight seals.

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